Projects in my first week

Here are some of the things I have worked on in my first week.

Voltive holder from the shop with purple Heart wood and pearl acrylic, doing some jeans testing, a family puzzle, and a dice roller.

And an acrylic sign for a friends con booth.


You going to do Scarab beetle designs too? (I see them in the background)

Also, will this burn in on the Denim last? it’d be a very cool way to add some local detail to jeans. Possibly in a subtle fashion.


What a great start!

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The denim I washed and some of the brown came off so it looks better. (more white) and the scarab was a art project for college, probably wont come back to it. However I will be redesigning the votive holder with some cool silhouette imagery and a size update maybe for bigger candles.


Love the jeans testing. I’m thinking that I can squeeze jean pant legs through the pass through slot.


Just remember to take your legs out first. That’s a classic rookie mistake! :grin:


ROFLMAO! On another topic… @henryhbk - did you hear about the UPS strike in MA? Not good news for your :glowforge: owner neighbors who haven’t received their units yet.

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Its like I tell people learning to solder, if you can smell chicken then you’re holding the wrong end!


Heh. Rule # 1 in my welding class (many years ago) was: if someone is on fire, tell them immediately.


Great projects! Way to hit the ground running!

Rule #1 in my welding class was to not tuck the bottom of your jeans into your boots. It’s really interesting how quickly the person (who didn’t follow rule #1) who ended up with slag between their foot and the tongue of their boot got their boot off. At least the wound was already cauterized and sterilized at that point.


What a diverse set of projects and materials. I’m particularly interested in your denim work - keep us posted on your findings!

Thanks for sharing your projects with us.

With the denim, how did you determine the “sweet spot” (not burning all the way through versus it disappearing after the first wash)?