Promised functions

I’m wondering what you all speculate is the delivery schedule of the originally functions as described in the original campaign? Does anyone have a list of what was promised and what is currently implemented?

I would have hoped that while the delays were happening, the software crew would have had plenty of time to get it all programmed and tested and then some.

Off the top of my head, kerf compensation, pass through auto alignment, continuous auto focus, and flipping stock to cut both sides sound like they are not ready (though I don’t have my GF yet so I can’t confirm)

Anyone keeping a list?


Basically, this: Glowforge Features promised / delivered


Hope you don’t mind Jonny, but I moved this from Made On A Glowforge to Beyond The Manual. The Made On A Glowforge category is meant for folks to show things they have actually made on their machines.

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I don’t mind at all. I wrote this on my phone and I didn’t see the option. Thank you!