Promotional Materials

I posted this in “everything else”, but I did not get the information I was hoping to get.

I was hoping for a response from someone at GF. So I’m posting the same question here. Does GF have any promotional material I can print and take to my local maker faire?



Only thing I know about is the links to the official logos, which you can find here.

Also, if you check their Press link here, you’ll find a bunch of product photos.

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Thanks @cynd11. I’ve seen those assets, but I was hoping for something a little more polished.

I can create something for the event, but if there’s already something official, I would prefer to use that.

You will want to contact their PR or Marketing team directly. I would suggest e-mailing them. :slight_smile:


Maybe @staff or @bailey would be able to help?

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Hey @polarbrainfreeze, I’m sorry this lingered for so long! Unfortunately, we don’t have anything official at this point. That’s a great idea though and I’ve let Bailey and the team know.