Proof grade materials shortage

Is it just me or is there a problem in obtaining proof grade materials? I rarely need them but occasionally its nice and there is nothing available. Is that a lead up to a company failure or owning a machine that can’t be repaired ?


Neither. There’s an ongoing pandemic that has impacted supply chains and the majority of suppliers and manufactures are having issues getting what they need in a timely manner.

There’s been a lot of similar discussions that might shed more light on it.


I just ordered a bunch of material from

They sell out fast, but they’ve been faithfully restocking every week or so.

They charge for shipping but they use USPS flat rate boxes and refund you for any unused shipping. Incredibly honest people.

They told me they can fit the following in a flat rate shipping box:

1/4" boards 10
1/8" boards 18
1/16" boards 35

Flat rate shipping is $18.70

Lasered By The Creek
$60.00 1/4" Maple (x10)
$20.00 Finished both sides
$18.70 Shipping

Total = $98.70 = $9.87 per board.

Glowforge Proofgrade
$200.00 1/4" Maple (x10)
Free Shipping

Total = $200.00 = $20.00 per board.

I ordered a bunch of different stuff, told them I was completely out of material, and they were nice enough to ship to me on a Saturday! I received all five boxes by noon on Monday!

The 1/4" is about twice as dense as the Glowforge 1/4" boards. I found I had to adjust my settings down to around 129 speed. Very solid stuff.

The 1/8" boards cut like a dream. I simply used the Glowforge Proofgrade settings and it worked just fine for Cherry, Maple, and Walnut.

I also found out that the 1/8" boards are a wood core… not MDF. Feels lighter and cuts amazingly clean.

They don’t sell acrylic, but if you’re looking for wood… this is superior stuff!

Give them a call and tell them I sent you. :wink:



I know it’s frustrating! I’ve never used anything outside of PG materials because I run my machine in my apartment…I just want to be as safe as possible. It’s the holiday season so I’m constantly checking and hoping I can get what I need to get orders done :crossed_fingers:t3:

Yes pandemic, it’s not a bad of a shortage now but the wholesalers may shift supply to those who will pay more.

Note: I work as a buyer in my day job and I used to buy poster signage holders


Go ahead and give the folks at Lasered By The Creek a call. I questioned them extensively about their products, whether or not they were “laser safe”, etc. They’re not just a reseller, they actually make the stuff!

I LOVE all of their 1/8" stuff as it has a wood core, not MDF. It cuts nicer and the finish is nicer too!

I wish Glowforge would use them as a supplier but I also admit I have no idea of the logistics that would be involved with something like that.

Right now I’m just happy I have material to work with!


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YOUVE SAVED MY LIFE! Thank you for providing this information. Its frustrating not being able yo get wood through GF and Im 80 orders deep :frowning:

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I had a thread about this a few months ago but they closed it.
I agree it’s ridiculous and such a bummer. We’re scrambling now to figure out other materials for our business and it’s a pain. As soon as materials show up we buy as much as we possibly can and they are out of stock in a couple of hours.


Their 1/8" is a true 1/8" board and the veneer is thicker. It also has a wood core instead of MDF and the grain is matched on both sides of the board. I’ve been VERY impressed with their quality!

It cuts very easy using the same settings as Glowforge Proofgrade.

The 1/4" is an MDF core and was much more difficult to cut through than the Glowforge 1/4" plywood.

Lasered By The Creek uses USPS flat rate shipping boxes so I recommend filling them for maximum efficiency. If memory serves me correctly, they can fit 18 boards of 1/8" thickness into their flat rate box and shipping is something like $18.70.

I’m super happy with their product and customer service!




“They” didn’t close it.

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thanks so much!!!

For those who would like to know the status of the Glowforge store. This is an email I received just yesterday:

Hi Novak -

I’m sorry that we don’t have the plywood or acrylic that you want in stock! Due to a combination of challenges with inventory due to COVID-19 and unprecedented demand, we’ve had a hard time keeping Proofgrade materials in stock.

Though I know my colleagues are working hard to replenish, I don’t have any information about when materials will be available. You can sign up to be notified when we have them by clicking “Email Me When Available” on the page for a material at

In the meantime, if there’s a Joann Fabrics near you, they may have the Proofgrade materials you want in stock, and many locations are offering curbside pick-up.

In addition, your Glowforge can print on many materials, as long as the supplier can confirm for you that it is laser-compatible. We’ve heard of customers purchasing at Inventables, Johnson Plastics, TAP Plastics, Lowes, and Home Depot. Please confirm with the supplier you choose to ensure it’s laser-compatible, though, as we aren’t experts on other companies’ products.

I hope this can help!


This is pretty much what’s been said since the beginning of the pandemic(and more generally all they’ll say about anything out of stock: sorry, they don’t know, sign up for alerts.)

It’s pretty much glowforge policy.
Sorry, they can’t say(don’t know or not allowed), you’ll know when they tell you, and it won’t be before “the thing” is considered ready.


What’s so tragic about that response is that I was given a $40 credit for the Glowforge store and I thanked them and then mentioned that ALL plywood and acrylic are sold out… and I was inquiring as to when more material might be in stock.

I’m fairly certain that Home Depot is not going to honor that $40 gift certificate. :wink:



…but if you go down aisle 51, duck behind the foam insulation, ask for Jared, and tell him, “pineapple”, he’ll hook you up with a 5:4 cash conversion. Ssshhhhhh…but I didn’t tell you anything…

Well I have over $400 in credit and even when they have product in stock it just doesn’t make sense to buy it due to the huge shipping cost to Canada.

Yes. That same statement is posted in every ticket asking about this over in Problems and Support, many of which are in the search linked in the first reply above, i.e. Glowforge shop is sold out of most materials?

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