Proofgrade Acrylic and Weldon 4

It doesn’t work.

Brand new bottle of W4, and tested with other acrylics which set immediately.

Proofgrade, at least the samples I got with the Glowforge, do not work.

I use the same solvent and haven’t had any issues with the proofgrade acrylics. The curing action is just about the same as CA glue, not quite instant.
I don’t know Will, but I think the chemical formula is pretty much the same, with the possible exception of the colored acrylics. I may be wrong.

I’ve also used Weldon 4 with PG Acrylic. Could it be a bad batch of Weldon? I’ve not used enough to know if that’s a possibility.

what the others have said. i’ve used weldon 4 with PG and had it work fine.

+1 – I also am not having any problems with medium clear PG acrylic and Weldon 4 …

Edit: Though, after application, I tend to walk away without touching it and, leave it al least overnight. So, not sure how fast it really sets up.

Well, it IS a brand new bottle. So I guess maybe, though I did try it on some other acrylic I had laying around which worked just as well with it. /shrug

Is there residue on the PG that would prevent the Weldon from working? I’ve not had any of those problems, but I haven’t used it too often.