Proofgrade acrylics out of stock?

Hi - I was wondering if the proofgrade acrylics sheets (black & clear in 20x12) will be back in stock in the next few days? Unless I’m mistaking, they have been missing from the store for a while…

Is there way to get a message once they are available again?

Believe I saw recently that they were having issues with the supplier. You can pick up acrylic at Instructables if you need it now.

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Hi Jules - thanks for the hint - just checked their site but couldn’t find any kind of “store” there…

Probably you meant Inventables? found a store there :slight_smile:
Now, their acrylics don’t come with the protective paper so I’ll have to find some of that as well (I’m quite sure there are threads about that here on the forum)

Thanks for the help!

EStreet plastics is way cheaper, take a look there.

And yes:

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Thanks @evansd2 - I do see EStreets sheets are 24inch - do you cut them down to 20" (and if so, how?) or just use them as they are?

I gave up on waiting for the black acrylic. I had been holding off an order in Oct, finally gave up end of Nov and ordered the other stuff. Have been keeping an eye and not seen it since so glad I didn’t wait.

Damn! Yes, I did, that was a total brain blitz! :smile:


If you have a pro it’s easy enough to cut the end off or just use it “vertically”.

Otherwise you can “score and snap” acrylic pretty easily or use a jigsaw/hand saw with an appropriate blade…

It all comes down to how much time you’re willing to spend messing with it.

If you don’t have a pro you can trick the gf into running with the front door open. Not that I’d advocate breaking safety protocols, but people have done it. It involves magnets and whatnot though I haven’t looked too closely because I have a pro. You’d be able to cut the end off easily if you pulled that trick.


I’ve used Estreet myself and they do have good stuff. Rather than try to just cut 4" off, i’d just cut the sheet in half and use it that way unless you really needed to cut some longer parts. I picked up an acrylic cutter ad the HD and it easier than cutting glass, Just score across several times (I actually do 5 or 6 w/straight edge) the put it on a table edge and push one side down while holding the other. It should snap and then just use a knife to cut the other side masking. I’ve even broken down BIG sheets of clear I had this way.


Acrylic is back in stock. Thought I’d let you know I just placed my order.

don’t be so hard on your self. they both start with “I” and end with “es”

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@roseohio1 - went up buying from eStreet - their material is as good as PG if you ask me… and they have some more colors and a very cool mirror acrylic :slight_smile:

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Well it seems shipping is taking awhile so I may have to order from somewhere else. Someone posted in a group she ordered on the 22nd and still hasn’t gotten a tracking email. Had I known I would’ve ordered somewhere else I’m about out and tried to time it correctly so I wouldn’t be out for days before the new came.

Johnsonplastics or estreetplastics are reliable quick shippers.

They tend to maintain high stock levels too so you’re less likely to encounter out of stock situations.


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