Proofgrade finish matching question

If I make a box from pre-finished proofgrade wood, and sand down the edges, what kind of finish should I apply to the edges, to match well enough with the existing finish? (Whatever that is!)

I don’t think the edges will match the surface since the edges expose the material that is sandwiched between the two finished surfaces. The inside material is engineered wood or a hardwood core sandwiched between natural wood veneer. It has also been exposed to the laser. I believe sealing the edges with a semi-gloss product that matches the sheen of the surface is about as close as you will get.


I meant the solid wood, not the plywood … though you’re right, the plywood is probably preferred for a more durable/stable box.


I would try Polycrylic in a semigloss for a close match. I got mine at Home Depot.
I haven’t seen them side by side, I use a veneer MDF that is unfinished and wanted a similar look. Note the product is recommended for interior use.


Proofgrade plywoods are finished with shellac, so that would be a reasonable starting point.


That’s what use use, in multiple very light coats with sanding between, to get a nice hard finish on unfinished woods - but I’ve never done edges specifically.


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