Proofgrade material for outdoor sign

Hey guys,

I was making a small outdoor business sign and was curious if any of you have tried sealing the Proof grade wood materials for outdoor use?

Also I didn’t realize that the maple sheets (and other woods) came finished with something already (read this after I tried to stain one and that went poorly). Not sure what kind of finish would adhere to it.

Anyway if anyone has any thoughts or experience with this please let me know.

I personally would not use :proofgrade: plywood because the MDF like core is so prone to water damage.
If you must, seal it up in marine grade epoxy.


Thanks. Agree. I didn’t I realized it was MDF at first. It would look nice…for a week. :slight_smile:


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Acrylic is great…except my client wants wood. Looking at some teak ply sheets online that might be an option. Or at least using proofgrade hardwoods and coating with a spar finish.

I’ll need to test how other coatings work with the proofgrade factory finish.

Acrylic, with veneer, then sealed?