Proofgrade material purchase



Where do I purchase proofgrade materials?


Be patient. It is @ but like the GFUI I don’t think you are allowed in until you have yours on the way.


Given the impending mass quantities of Glowforges shipping, it would be nice to be able to begin stock piling materials.

On the other hand that could lead to shortages of things people who actually have or soon will have glowforges need for a planned or specific project.


i’ve finally converted the SO. we purchased something recently that came in a (very very large) cardboard box and before i could say anything, he goes, “huh, that’s a lot of cardboard for the laser, eh?”


Congrats on bringing him around. I have a lot of cardboard for the laser from moving and such. I plan to use scrap cardboard for some of my practice cuts.


Yup, now that link redirects you to the GF homepage.


I suspect if you have received your E-mail your account would forward you into the shop. I’m not that special so I get the home page too.


You ARE special, it’s just not your time yet, but soon it will be. :grin:


I’m on the platform with my ticket for the pro train anxiously waiting and also starting to fret about where to put it. It’s very unfair how all the pictures of @dan made the glowforge look human sized.


Yeah. All CEOs should be short :slight_smile:


Will proofgrade materials be available for wholesale purchase? I am running a nonprofit maker space and we would LOVE to have proofgrade materials on hand for our members to purchase.


@nathanpoel, you might want to ask that question in a new topic in the Problems and Support area. It’s the only one that the Support staff monitors.

Or send them a direct email at . They might not have set a policy for it yet, but they’re the only ones who can answer it. :slightly_smiling_face: