Proofgrade material thickness options?

With months left to go before I’m 'forging, I’m trying to get some designs ready to prototype. For wood pieces, I want to start using :proofgrade: and maybe figure out other supply options later.

Since I am nowhere close to shipping, I’m hoping someone with access to the store can share what the current wood offerings are in ply, solid, and veneer, especially the different thicknesses available.


Hardwood: All Medium (approx. 1/8" thick) Walnut, Cherry, Red Oak, Basswood, Maple, Poplar
Plywood: Medium (approx. 1/8" thick), and Thick (approx. 3/16"): Walnut, Cherry, Maple
All Hardwood and Plywood are finished.

Also Medium and Thick Draftboard.


Everything wood is medium, 1/8" nominal, thick, 1/4 nominal, and vener, which is well, vener. I’d measure it but I’m not home.

Perfect – thank you!

Oops. I forgot the veneers. Finished, 3M tape backed, approx. 0.02" thick:
Maple, Cherry, Walnut.