Proofgrade materials mostly sold out

When will Proofgrade have more products available on the website? EVERY time I check back they are mostly sold out… frustrating.

If no one has an answer for that, what are some good comparable product website I can browse? thanks.

There are tons of lists out there of alternate suppliers. I haven’t used any of them except Amazon for MDF. As far as Proofgrade, you should definitely go the items you want and click on the Notify Me When Available button (or whatever it says). They send you an email as soon as it comes in. Like, it seems literally that they take it out of the box and say “Oooh, Medium Cherry Plywood, let’s email Andy!” Then you can order it right away. I think Proofgrade is way overpriced, but I also am not the kind of guy who is going to sand/prime/stain/paint/seal any of the crap I buy at Lowes, either, so it is a tradeoff.
They should start doing better on supplies once the pandemic is over. That has really affected their supply chains.


thank you for your response!!

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Acrylic is pretty standard stuff and is readily available from lots of suppliers.

Wood is also available from lots of sources: Casey Hill Designs, Johnson Plastics Plus, your local big box store, Amazon, Colorado Heirloom, Cards of Wood, TheWoodGallery etc., etc.


We need to pin a note about this to the top of the forum. There are so many threads (especially by first time posters) that are all variants of “There’s no proofgrade!”.

Not that it’s not a valid question or complaint, it’s just a bit stale and overdone. Just search for it, all the proof you need.

This is not a knock on @mcj1282, it’s a common question for a reason. I just wish people would come here for some good (happy) reasons, not because they’re frustrated.

You know, Glowforge could probably head a lot this off by having adequate information in the shop. Something like “Yes it’s sold out, and here’s why and what we’re trying to do about it.” Would help reduce these sorts of threads.


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