Proofgrade medium draftboard

Can someone out there tell me which are the settings for proofgrade medium draftboard? The settings that appear when your machine reads the QR code. Thank you :blush:

Simply click on the arrow next to the operation in your interface. This is a pro. Settings may be different for the Basic or Plus


The settings auto populate when you select a Proofgrade material from the drop down material menu. Reading the QR code is not something that is important.


Thank you. I was wondering if you click medium draftboard and put a different pg material with a QR code which one prevail. It changes after scanning?
The gift of good measure should cut with this same settings and just one pass, right?

Well, you could try it and see what happens, but I don’t know why you would select one material and then use a different one. QR codes are often not read and are cut over and eliminated by many projects. The Gift of Good Measure should cut properly on any Proofgrade material with one pass, but if you have acrylic in the machine don’t select draftboard from the drop down menu. Use the settings for the material you are actually using.

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It’s not that I am doing it I just wanted to know if by mistake you click the wrong pg material in the menu if the machine recognizes it by the qr code. That’s all.

If you over-ride the detected material using the drop-down menu, it will use the settings for what you selected - whether that be accidental or intentional.

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What I am asking is exactly the opposite. If you choose a material from the drop down menu and then put a proofgrade material with the qr code which is different from what I chose in the drop down menu. It will change for the qr code settings?

If you choose a material, and then open the lid I suspect that it would think you had changed the material and switched to that material, that you could then override :slightly_smiling_face: at which time it would warn you that it was reading a different material but would do as you asked. I have seen the warning as, even when using Proofgrade, I put it in QR code down so I am not cutting through it before getting through the material.

The rest is conjecture and logic on my part as I have not tested it. YEMV.

It stays with the material you selected manually, even if you open the lid and put in something different.

It assumes if you’re choosing a material, you know what you’re doing.


Another question for you GF connoisseurs :smiley:
Do the autofocus adjust the settings?
Also, even when I use the manual settings my machine says autofocusing.

Utilizing the search function will reward you with tons of information.


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