Proofgrade Plywood PSA

I don’t remember anyone else commenting on this (although I’ve been known to forget something now and then, so I could be wrong), so I thought I would.

If you order the passthrough sized plywood and cut it down to 20x12" sheets, the grain will run the opposite way from normal. For some designs, depending on how you like your grain to run, this can actually be a good thing; for others, not so much.

Also, one sheet will be an inch or so short on the 12" measurement.

Just thought I’d share my findings. :slight_smile:


I doubt this is an ironclad rule. The only way to be sure is to peel back the masking and take a look.

I’ll actually go one step further and say that it’s plywood with mdf core so “grain” is entirely up to the veneer layers and there is no guarantee that the top and bottom surface grains are even going the same way. Probably yes but not necessarily.

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The grain on the 12x20s has been 100% consistent for me, so I’m just extrapolating from that to my assumption that the large size would be as well. :wink:

Well, you may be right but I’d err on the side of checking if it’s important, it only takes a sec. :slight_smile:

The pedant in me acknowledges and honors the pedant in you. Namaste. :wink:


I believe Dan once posted that the grain goes parallel to the length of the material by design.


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