Proofgrade Prices?


Is there a Proofgrade Catalogue available now that shows a complete materials list and pricing? If not, does anyone know when one would become available? I’ve seen “soon” but not a timeline. Thanks in advance!


currently from what i know only the beta users have access to it.


Actually I think the Pre-Production users have been ordering material. Not sure if they are divulging prices right now or if it is a credit system.


Ah! Thank you! Hoping something is shared prior to the July shipping goal—would love to be able to plan ahead.


oh i misread the topic, this is for proofgrade. i’m pretty sure gf has just been shipping them things to try, gratuit


Yeah… I’m trying to get a feel for how much “material debt” I’m in for. :wink:


honestly, i think it would be smart to start looking locally. check out lumber mills near you (skip big box stores entirely for the most part, though they can be a helpful source of acrylic (which is basically all identical (aside from cast vs extruded) and you won’t need to necessarily spring for proofgrade), see if there are any maker or hobby stores near you.

even if you don’t find prices you think are palatable, it’ll give you the opportunity to compare to the glowforge pricing when the proofgrade materials launch, letting you judge their relative value to you.


Yep… Already doing that. Just wanted to know how the Proofgrade materials would compare to the other sources I’ve found.


At the very least it would be nice to have a list of the things that will probably be available. (Yeah, we know lists like that are subject to change)

There have been a lot of references to proofgrade this or that, but I don’t think it’s been collected in one place.

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i think that they aren’t even close to knowing that yet; dan seems to note down proofgrade solutions all the time. additionally, i can imagine they don’t want to launch the store too early to avoid having competitors start offering cloned materials.


One of the pre-release folks could see what appears in the UI?

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Are the pre release folks buying Proofgrade materials from Glowforge right now? Are they discounted? Are they given free stuff to do specific things to do with their “loaned” machines?

From what I can gather from the posts, they’re getting a starter pack and then getting additional material as they ask for it. But maybe one of them will pop in.

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@dan has mentioned that the proofgrade material should be on-par pricewise with other similar materials. The variable there being what is considered ‘similar’.

Your ‘material-debt’ is gonna reflect the type and quality of the materials you buy. If you plan to work with mainly cardboard and paper you could get away with very little cost. If you want perfectly knot-free prefinished walnut for every project, it’s gonna be more $. Fresh new leather can be expensive, but used leather coats may be found cheap.

If you can find local businesses or manufacturers who produce scraps that they pay to dispose of, you could pay nothing but gas money to go pick the stuff up. If you are willing to do some labor, you might find some great material resources on craigslist, or Nextdoor, or facebook, from people wanting an old cedar fence removed, or hardwood pallets, or boxes… but that often requires a pickup truck and maybe some demolition tools.

I guess it really depends on what you are thinking of making!


Also keep in mind when considering pricing that the proofgrade woods (that we’ve seen) are pre-finished. So it may cost more up front, but it’ll eliminate sanding/finishing/drytimes. No dust, no smell, no fuss. Not sure if ALL the wood will be pre-finished or not, but the stuff we’ve seen that is, is gorgeous.

There are photos of some proofgrade in the thread below, and as marmak says in there, all he had to do is remove the masking.


From what I understand the starter pack for the Pre-Release users has varied from person to person. I received 1/8" Maple Plywood and Hardwood, Acrylic and leather. There have been other Proofgrade woods received by some. What is included with the machine is a small subset of what will be in any future materials store.

Glowforge isn’t supplying the Pre-Release folks with an endless amount of Proofgrade. Still have to be careful with a modest supply. Looking forward to getting more with my own machine.


@rubbersoul79 posted a pic of a truckload of fence she dismantled, loaded and absconded with.
Clearly a woman you don’t want to get in the way of…


I’m very interested in this as well. Hopefully we get some more information soon!

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The store is available to prerelease and beta customers only right now. Prices are definitely not final. We give them credit to use in the store, but a limited amount.


He posted it on Craigslist for free… I did not abscond! Lol although my neighbor just tore down a fence and OCD dismantled it picket by picket and put it on the curb. I will be absconding in the morning. LoL :slight_smile: