Proofgrade Sample Pack?

@dan, has Glowforge given any thought to selling Proofgrade sample packs? I’m picturing something like 3" samples of each material so we can get a feel for the color, weight, thickness, etc. Maybe break it down into each category, so I could get all the woods without getting acrylic, or vice versa.

I like to work really tactilely and get so many ideas just from holding a material, turning it around, looking at it…

Anyone else work the same way? Would anyone else be interested in something like this?


Oh, so you suggest this -now-, after I spent my entire founder’s credit on various Proofgrade singles to try… :wink:


Or you could see it as a market opportunity—cut those singles down into the sample size squares I want and sell some to me! :wink:


The traditional way to do this is with a key ring that you pay a nominal fee for and then the company maintains it by sending samples to add as the lineup grows.

This has come up before but it is still a good idea.


so much this!
yes please.


I suspect finding uses for those won’t be a problem

Second, or fifth, this idea please.

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Great suggestion! I’ll pass it along.


@dan, I’m sure you have pieces that can’t be sold because they have some damage on them. Cut the good parts out and there’s your sample pack!

I agree that this is a great idea.

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