Proofgrade settings spreadsheet

Is there a way to find or has someone compiled a list of the standard settings for GF proofgrade materials? I have seen lists put together for NON-proofgrade but would also like one for proofgrade.

Recently had an issue with machine correctly reading QR code and selecting material but then giving me a warning about using wrong settings. Ran the parts and it did not properly cut through.

Would like to have reference sheet to double check settings to make sure something didn’t get changed.

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Look at this and see if this helps…


Thanks for the info. I did see that spreadsheet when searching the forums. Looks like it lists a variety of materials from a variety of sources, but not the Glowforge proofgrade…unless I’m missing it. Thanks for the link though. Will be helpful on other projects.

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Not all proofgrade is created equally (necessarily). If the QR code tells you do to something, then I’d believe it.

I’d talk to support about it if it’s not working.

Unfortunately the settings are also different depending on whether you are using a Basic machine or a Plus/Pro. So that’s one reason why they’re not listed. Getting the wrong settings for your machine can promote flamey situations. :fire:

I had this happen with a sheet of Proofgrade cherry veneer recently. It did not cut properly nor did it engrave enough to even see the design much deeper than the masking. I contacted support and they said it was a known issue with the veneer. They credited me for the material.

Thanks for posting this, I have been struggling with 1/2 my design cutting out and the edge on the left having to use sharp blades to extract and ruin 1/2 of my cuts let alone the bandaged fingers. I have been wondering why I needed this infernal machine in the first place.
I was told the more I use it the easier it gets but I am running out of uncut fingers.