Proofgrade Shipment

I received tracking information for my Proofgrade materials this morning. Awesome!

For those of you who have your units, about how long after you got your Proofgrade box did you receive your Glowforge?

I’ll be getting the Proofgrade stuff next week but will be out of town the following week. I just don’t want to miss delivery of my unit.


I got my Proofgrade after my Glowforge by about two days.


I received my proofgrade within a week and my glowforge three weeks to the day from my golden email. From what I recall of others posting about it, it is all over the place. The conspiracy minded wouldn’t be wrong to think they use a random number generator to determine when to ship something.


It looks like they’ve got the proofgrade logistics into pretty good shape. I ordered from the store and it shipped out the next day which turned out to be a day after they shipped the proofgrade pack for my glowforge. If I’d done my order one day earlier, I wonder if they would have combined them.

Anyway, my guess is that we’ll see the proofgrade beat the Glowforge substantially for the next while since the e-mail to Glowforge shipment has been moving to the long side of late (ie opposite to the PG timeline).


It was a couple of weeks for me, but I think most folks have received it faster.

The bad aspect of getting a guesstimate from the last 2 months is that shipping of GF :glowforge: has been messed up by waiting for packaging materials and reworks to address substandard materials from vendors for Glowforge.

From the time I got my invite to delivery of the PF :proofgrade: was 8 business days, but then it was just under 20 business days before the GF :glowforge: arrived. I ordered additional PF :proofgrade: the day after the initial arrived and had it in 4 business days.

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About 3 weeks for me (Received the GF on Monday!)

There’s really no correlation between the two shipments, except that both are kicked off by you accepting your Glowforge. Proofgrade is handled out of a warehouse in Tennessee, and is basically sitting on a shelf ready to be packaged. The Glowforge itself has to be built by an assembly line in California before it can be shipped. So there are lots of factors, including how far you live from both locations, that will dictate the relative timing of the two deliveries.


That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the reply as well as everyone else!

Are they emailing the tracking numbers our? I just got my proofgrade shipment and never got a tracking number. Hopefully I get one for the forge so I don’t miss it when it comes.

Where do you live? If it is within one day ground shipment of Nashville or so, you may receive the tracking email after the package. They seem to send the tracking emails the next do or so and UPS can beat the email for people living inside the 1-day delivery zone.

Or they could have flubbed your tracking email.

I live in northern Ohio…I’m betting it just hasn’t shipped yet

I’m confused. I thought the issue was you received your package of proofgrade and did not receive a tracking email for it. You should have received your proofgrade tracking email prior to delivery based on where you live unless they’ve changed the origination point of proofgrade shipments. If you did not receive a tracking email for the proofgrade shipment I’d send an email to support. After checking your junk folder of course. Since September Microsoft has shunted three emails into my junk folder at work. 2 of them were the licensing renewals from SAS. But every webinar announcement makes it into my inbox.

Your glowforge will take at least five days in the UPS system to reach you. If for some reason there is a glitch in the notification system you’ll want to figure it out.

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Yes I received my proofgrade shipment without a tracking number, also I have not received a tracking number or my glowforge pro yet.