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My horrible organization skills have caused me to misplace the proofgrade store web address. I cannot find it on the Glowforge site. I searched this forum for 20 minutes this morning and even though I know it’s here I cannot find it. Can someone post the link? I have money burning a hole in my pocket.


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As long as someone has received the Golden Email, then they can access that link.

Currently, only seems to be accessible for non-Golden Email members.

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Doesn’t seem like it is.

"I purchased my Glowforge and the box isn’t here yet.

You’re so close! While you’re waiting for your Glowforge, check out some of the tutorials our community has created so you will be an expert from Day 1."

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Is it not letting you in or other that the “Begin Setup” button there seems to be nothing to do?

I have not received a Golden Email yet, so all I get on the link is the main Glowforge website.

Assuming you have logged in and you are getting this display:

If you want to manage you settings page, click on the triangle next to your name/nickname in the upper right corner:


Select settings and it will take you to this page:

Where (depending on which item is selected in the left column) you can select and update info.

Hopefully this is helpful.


Also notable to anyone wanting to check gifts/credit balances I believe you can find that on the Billing page shown above. For those without shop/app access I believe you have to wait unless someone checks and finds it under Payment History. But again credits since they are in flux may not apply till you get the E-mail.

Thanks Tom.

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Oh! That is very helpful. I didn’t notice that little drop down option by my name.

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Happy buying!

FYI, last I heard orders >=$100 get free shipping.

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