Proofgrade warped

Hi. I just received a very ambitious order of proofgrade material in anticipation of the arrival of my glowforge.

On first inspection, I notice that quite a few boards are quiet twisted. I know how essential it is that the material be flat, and I am prepared with a hand full of magnets. But a few of these boards are going to be a challenge to keep flat. A couple of questions here:

  1. what is the guarantee or warrantee on the proofgrade sheets?
  2. is there a way to store the sheets to prevent further warping? I’m planning to store them flat in drawers.
  3. what happens if there is a problem during a print? For example, let’s say I am cutting a project from the catalog that is single use and the cut does not go all the way through? Is there a reimbursement both for the file and for the sheet of proofgrade so you can try again?


They have some instructions in the Support section here:

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Haven’t run across this yet, but my understanding is that the single-use license is on the honor system at this time (Jan 2018). That being said, GF has a record of every job run, so… :wink:

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Probably a good idea to talk directly to support about this. They are the ones who can help.

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