Proofgrade: When is ordering allowed?

When are we ‘owners’, who still await delivery of our machines, allowed to order proofgrade materials? Do we have to wait until the GF has arrived?

When you receive the email requesting your shipping info, and subsequently fill out the delivery forms, the Materials Shop and catalog will open up to your account.


I placed my first order the day after I received my email. If I recall correctly, I actually received that package a day or two before I received my sample pack of materials.

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Thanks, would you be an English teacher living in Duval Co., Florida?

Nope. I take pictures and make a few puzzles in Central Texas. :slight_smile:

What do you do with then after you take them? Do you mostly take pictures from homes or museums? Have you ever been caught?


I believe the 5th amendment applies here! :wink:

It depends on if it’s client work or personal work (that ends up mostly as stock). I always found the print selling end of it to be a huge PITA. Most now is being turned into puzzles though. So - that basically means prints now.

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