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I am new to asking questions as well as to my Glowforge. Is there a place to buy the protective film/ paper that they use on Glowforge purchased materials?

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Not the same material exactly, but the term you are looking for is “masking”. Here’s a thread that should have you covered.


I use this on everything. Plastic, leather, wood, even overspray protection.


Welcome to the forum @dustanlukasik!

The forum has loads of posts about the use of masking, when to and when maybe not. What kinds. Sources.

The two previous posts are good starts.

Use the maginifying glass to search the forum and search for masking.

It can be challenging for users new to this whole laser thing to come up with the correct search terms to use in the forum. There are some specific vocabularies that are used.

I recommend going carefully through the first three prints as recommended in the manual, if you haven’t already. That will give you a baseline for further exploration! Good luck and post your work: successes and failures. It’s all good!


You got plenty of answers so I will just say welcome.


Ironically I’ve learned more from failures than my successes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome to the forum, @dustanlukasik. We hope you enjoy the company of many helpful souls in here.


Loads of threads, but couple quick tips:

You don’t always need masking pending the material you’re using, as more often it’s just to help keep any soot off the material & minimize any cleaning needed.
In a pinch masking tape or painters tape works–just butt up the pieces to each other, don’t overlap.
Some materials don’t like masking–test first to see if you have any change to the material itself after removing the masking (e.g. leather). And the “tackiness” is important here–low, meduim, or high tack. Better off with low or medium for most materials.

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Thank you everyone. Huge help. I have found that on most materials masking helps. Your suggestions have been put to good use.:grinning:

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