Protective Paper

Hello Everyone! Can anyone tell me how to get a roll of the protective paper? Or where I can buy it in large quantities? Thank you!

signwarehouse or amazon or other places. It comes in different tacks (medium is a decent all around choice), but their tackiness may vary by manufacturer. Search the forum for vinyl transfer paper or just transfer paper or masking material for specific recommendations and lots of discussion.

Note: you should only buy the paper backed vinyl transfer paper: NOT the clear stuff. The vinyl in the name refers not to what it is made of, but what it was originally meant for: transferring vinyl cut by a vinyl cutter to whatever the vinyl was being mounted on. It’s a sign making thing.


Thank you so much! That information is very helpful!

Johnson Plastics has a medium-tack Glassguard Paper Mask. The 6-inch wide roll is about $36.
They also sell laser-engravable plastic for signs, wood plaques and metal plates. My new fave!


There are huge threads about masking:

And many others. Just search for “masking”.

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Thank you!!

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I’m sure this is listed in those other threads but here’s a direct link to the product I’ve been using.