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Hello Glowforge Community,

I just received my glowforge this week. I was wondering which tape or protective sheet do you guys use for your non proofgrade materials?

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If you do a quick search using the term “masking” you will find lots of info. I’ll track down some suggestions in a minute.

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thank you

I use this stuff and find that it works well


thank you

I read through several masking threads, and the stuff mentioned by @manfredo is a popular choice. It is available from several vendors.

appreciate it

One quick tip, get yourself a Brayer (a little rubber roller) and roll the transfer tape once you apply it. This helps a ton, especially if applying to a full sheet of BB or something similar. You can find them on Amazon or any craft store.


That’s a good idea! Why haven’t I thought to get one of those yet? Thanks!

How long did it take for you to get it?? It is going to take a month for me to receive mine!! I most likely should have looked elsewhere before I order it

I ordered mine on Dec 20th and received it on Dec 31st. Not too bad. I’ve also used this one from Amazon and not worked well, but obviously the cost is higher.

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Not as effective or cheap as a simple squeegee. You can buy one or just make one out of plywood (cut some 1/8" material and just sand the edges round. It’s what I use now, it’s better than anything else I’ve tried, including a roller and a plastic squeegee.)

If you want to purchase a squeegee, I like the PA1-B, linked previously:


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