Prototype Wooden Oil Lamp

I have a very old (200+ years old) iron oil lamp from India. I decided to try a copy (sorta) on my Glowforge Plus using MDF. This was the prototype with functioning gimbals, just like the original.


Gorgeous! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That is really neat!


I really like the design. Very interesting.

Thanks so much. I think what excited me was figuring out the geometry of the thing, then seeing it come together quite accurately. smaller pieces required some experimentation, but most of it was done one-off. Love that Glowforge Plus!


Oh cool! It would be interesting to see it next to the original. And an action shot of the gimbals in motion.

Looking at the original oil lamp now, realize i could have made the struts much narrower and much more like the original, but i guess i was (wrongly) worried the mdf wouldn’t be strong enough. Might try a redo.