I made this prototype and was excited to share it with this community. I see such inspiring work here I thought it might also be a great chance to get some great feedback from other inspiring/inspired artists.

My wife wanted to make a neckless with the logo for my daughter’s school on it. The problem was that the logo is made up of three unconnected letters. We toyed with the idea of making it connect, but I felt like that really didn’t match the logo and wasn’t really “the” logo. I then looked at if we could make it by just etching, but it felt more like a keychain to me. I finally came up with the idea of very thin clear acrylic. This is the prototype of the neckless, I was pretty happy with how it came out but welcome feedback from others. it almost looked to me like the letters are floating or frozen in place. I love the wood on both sides. The other option we discussed is a contrasting wood where the acrylic is. The whole thing is made with proof grade materials.

The coin in the picture is for reference. Those that don’t know the Japanese 100 yen is a bit smaller than a quarter.

What are your thoughts? I welcome any and all ideas.



Nice concept. How thin is the acrylic?

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Front to back it is the 1/8" proof grade.

around the letters, it is pretty thin, but holds pretty well because I put the wood in so the whole thing feels pretty solid.

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For reference, the holes in the neckless are 1/16" (which I think will be just a bit smaller in the final run).

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Ah is that 1/8" solid wood/ply? I thought maybe it was just veneer.

If it’s through-cut inlaid, are you kerf correcting and flipping one of the pieces? You tend to get a cleaner fit that way. Your result is pretty good either way, I’m just curious.

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That’s really nice–love the look of the floating letters on the clear acrylic.

But do be cautious if doing anything more than a gift or two, as collegiate copyrights are actively enforced!

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Thanks, I am well aware of the copyrights so it is definitely a gift. After all Texas A&M are the legal owners of the 12th man. :slight_smile:

I appreciate the feedback.

Yes, both are 1/8" and it is inlaid which really gives it a great feel and look from both sides. Kerf is something I would like to try and adjust just a bit. However, could tighten a bit, but then I would struggle with any type of adhesive. I am using a bit of adhesive now and that seems to be okay. Again, thank you for the question/feedback.

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Nicely done! Is the whole thing coated in some clear gloss then too? It looks really shiny.

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Nice work! Hoping to experiment with the same concept this Winter for craft shows next year. Lots of Jewelry ideas rattling around in my head. (Along with everything else!)

And FYI… T A&M is one of those cool schools that has a ‘crafter’s license,’ (or as they call it, direct to consumer)… So it’s relatively cheap to get licensed to sell a bit. Check it out if you’re interested.

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No, proof grade hardwoods are finished

Looks great! Using the acrylic was an inspired solution.

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I love the acrylic! A lighter wood instead could work as well, but the acrylic make the logo pop a bit more, I think. I was thinking a loop at the top, cut in the acrylic could work, too, but I like the way that the 2 holes let it lay flat better, so I would stick with that design. If it becomes too much to cut the holes in the crossbar of the T, you could make 2 loops in the acrylic instead, but I like it the way it is. Just throwing out ideas.

Side note: some have mentioned that universities tend to be a bit possessive of their branding, but you could ask their marketing department if they have a crafter’s license policy. I am doing that with my local university, and it’s pretty affordable. Now, I’m not talking a school the size of Texas A&M, but it is a state uni, and they might have something similar.


Nice work! Also, gig 'em! (Class of '82)


Excellent concept! I really like how it turned out.

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Problem solving is part of the GlowForge way.

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