Protractor & metric+aquatic+caynine ruler

So here we go, it’s late in the evening and my son discovers he neds a protractor for school- right NOW !! GF to the rescue. First I tried to engrave an SVG. That result was not very clean. Then I discovered it was very easy to design one myself in Illustrator. This worked really well. Though for the nubers and name I could have used less de-focusing.
My daughter just starts to do measure at school, where they discused how people “in the old days” used feet, forearms and other body lengths. So I decided to supply her with a conversion ruler that not only displays metric centimeters, but the well known crab and dachsund measures as well: one dachshould=four crabs = 5cm.



That ruler is the best. Thank you for sharing the design.


You have a great sense of humor. Getting your daughter to think like this will open a whole lot of opportunities for her. She will definitely remember this lesson. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your post. I imagine many of these will be printed.


Really cute work! Thank you for sharing!

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Gosh, I remember using a protractor all the time - and now I don’t at all. I wish I still did so I could print one. Thank your your share!