Prusa 3D printer and Glowforge laser working together: Edge Lit Acrylic

@marmak3261 - this is a really clever idea. Thanks for sharing all the fun stuff that makes it work! These look amazing too, great job.

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Thank you @marmak3261 for the files! This is what I made for a friend’s 42nd birthday party that was themed Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy…needless to say it was the only present like this! It was a big hit.


Nice job on the gift ! Came out really well. (Only think I would have added is a small “Don;t forget your towel” on the bottom :grinning:

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I had thought about that … but thought it might be too busy with all the words?

The first one I printed I forgot to do it in reverse so the good side is flat…so I reprinted for the gift. I took the first one to work and plugged it in at my desk…my boss walks by quickly and says I really thought it would have dolphins in it…I told her no we’re all into babels here. :wink:

Today is being spent engraving tiles for a horseshoe throwing competition next weekend for a relative…then I hope to get back to edgelit designs…I have a few ideas I want to play with to see how they come out.

Wish we had an “edgelit” specified section in the community…occasionally I find some I missed before.