PSA: Holiday Designs Grammar Tip for pluralizing names

I saved this woman’s video from a few years ago because it was great.

This year’s video is much shorter (one minute!), but still helpful and funny.
Thought I’d share.


Good video, but the volume differences are quite dramatic! Great information though.

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Yeah, it might also vary depending on the device being used.

And for anyone who enjoys this kind of stuff, here’s the first one of hers I saw that I saved. :smiley: Sorry, I only have a Facebook link for that.


I mean, the possessives aren’t incorrect but they are possessives, not plurals!


Yeah, nobody said those were wrong for possessives. lol
But the way people word holiday cards and other things like that is often wrong. Well, obviously, or she would not have bothered to make the video. :smiley:


I find people who police the grammar/ spelling of others are some of my least favorite kind of people, and also I abhor being told what to do. This video makes me want to intentionally make mistakes when pluralizing names. Happy Holidays to the Smith’eses! Season’s Greetings to the Jone-zz-zz!

Hahahaha That would be pretty funny to see someone send out as satire.

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I think grammar IS important especially when you are making a sign or project where a name is involved. Nothing ruins a great piece of work when there is a a typo. If I purchased a personalized gift and my name is mispelled, I’d be ticked off… and giving someone a gift with their name mispelled would be rather embarrassing, for both parties.
And the plural for names is one I miss sometimes, so I appreciate the little lesson.


I personally would be embarrassed if I sent cards out with a spelling or grammatical error. I would be horrified if I sold something to someone with a spelling or grammatical error.

There is a Mexican restaurant whose menu lists “beef and beens” and we have been laughing about it for years.


But when it comes right down to it, there is a right/wrong, and I would be so embarrassed to give someone a sign that spelled their name wrong!


If someone misspells my name, they are telling me my name is not very important to them. Fortunately, my friends would not do that to me.


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