Pub Sign

Found a cool design online. This one pretty large, I did whatever I couldn’t fit in the laser on the CNC and hand cut the base prints. Took forever, but came out pretty nice. Might hang it in the garage or add some back-lighting and put it above the bar.


I like it! might look better above a bar rather than on those velvet walls. :slight_smile:

That would look great over a bar.

Incredible sign for the bar.


Wow! Striking!

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Oh my, that is really outstanding. Well done! I like all your projects, fluffmeister.

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Beautiful! Makes me want a pint and some fish and chips…


Wow, that’s a really beautiful sign. The details and the colors…WOW!!

I just love it…it’s so very elegant

Great work Fluffins! What CNC do you have?

Looks great

That’s really nice! Loved it!

X-carve by inventables. Great machine for the price and just as professional as the 10k plus machines if you have the right software.


Wow, that is terrific

I had never thought about adding one of those to my basement before…

Hmmm… need a major project after the pool table light.

I’m thirsty already! Awesome work.

May I propose a “new rule” for this community?

Every post has to have a “how I built this” included, such as what made the gold inlay (is it color fill, spray paint before removing masking tape, etc.), what’s the material you cut from, how many layers of material, etc.? Show and Tell means tell us how you did this.

Kudos for a job well done. Just want to know more, from all of us.

Wow, where did you find the design online?

Mostly pinterest, there is a whole category dedicated to artistic fonts. Great resource for material

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