I was given a screenshot from my next-door neighbor, of the Facebook post of the Minnesota Makers and Artist Guild, looking for a replacement speaker and demonstrator for laser cutting for August 17th, as the one they had originally lined up had to unexpectedly cancel.

I got to talking with them and we agreed I would be a good fit for the meeting. I really wish there would have been a makerspace I could have made use of 2 years ago when I first wanted to prototype a few things. Now I’ll have the chance to help get it started, as this presentation is also a fundraiser.


Maybe @dan would gift the organization one of the pre release units to be auctioned/raffled to provide funds for this endeavor. :sunglasses:


While that would be easy, I think it speaks more about the organization if they were just able to purchase one straight out. It wouldn’t be fair to the customers who are makerspaces that already paid for it. And the organization, even in its early stages, must always prove it’s sustainability, it needs to have the fiscal management to survive, and not always be given easy outs. I’m sure we all could acknowledge a nonprofit or two that had really great ideals but closed or went bankrupt because it just couldn’t figure how to pay its bills.


I can just feel how excited you are! Enjoy the fun and spread the news.


Very cool. Hope you have fun!


Very cool! We need more like you everywhere!



Awesome! Break a leg!


Cool opportunity! Have a great time and congratulations :grinning:


Umm given your past stretch of luck @Sawa , I’m not going to echo this sentiment :sunglasses:



I’m well aware of the term and its origins. I said it mostly with my tongue implanted firmly in my cheek. However with the luck he’s had I am afraid of it literally happening.


Figured you did, but just in case somebody thought I was being mean…

Anyhow, @sawa’s luck has changed! I hope.


Yes, but still, be careful what you say out loud without knocking on wood around me!


I have always held the belief that superstition is bad luck.


what is it penn jillette likes to say? luck is just probability taken personally. :smiley:


So… This is embarrassing.

I did not break a leg, but I popped a disc this weekend, right before this Thursday, when I present. GF is supposed to be a 2 person lift and I am no longer able to be one of those people. Lol. Thanks @tbelhumer for trying to knock on wood.

Chiropractic visit for tomorrow is in the works


Ohhhhh Noooooooo! I feel responsible. I sure hope you feel better soon and that the gig goes okay.


Hope you can find someone to do the heavy lifting.
I’d offer to come over but I’ll be out of town.