Puff's bane Puffett's first try

I was struggling along with Puff till it just quit in the middle potentially ruining a nice piece of Cherry wood So I left it pinned to the Crumb tray and set out on the adventures of musical Glowforges and fun with disabilities.

So I finally got Puffette operational and tried to rum Puff’s last attempt, and things did not match up. As the Lion pendant was not a critical location thing I set it up without disturbing the previous setup and saw that the location accuracy still had a long way to go to reach what Puff was able to do and getting the full 3" of width on a 3" wide board was more than average critical.

I went back to the techniques I had used before and got it pretty close and then I polished it and oiled it as I had been doing with the pendants running the last sanding at 2000 grit and the result was pretty reasonable.


Did you engrave the lattice effect on the GF?

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Yes there is several parts there is the variable engrave for all the over and under bits then the holes are cut and a couple of scored squares to clean up the pattern and then cut out. The back of the lid is engraved to stay on the top but it was a bit big so it does not lock in place. very hard to get just right. All in a single piece of 3 inch wide Cherry wood and the lamp is 3 x 3 x 3 on the outside,




This makes a very good rabbit-hole if you can get yourself a copy. His son also did a followup focusing on all of Celtic design

Much more complex in those cases but the same approach,


Awesome work! Glad your back up and running. Our PRO just left Grapevine TX headed our way back to us. Should see it mid next week. If it gets here with no damage I will be over joyed!


Ohhhhhh, this is wonderful! Your boxes are epic—I’m so glad you’re back in the game.


Very nicely done.


There is also this of course


That turned out great!

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Great to see you back in production! The lattice is lovely!

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