Pulling my hair out ~ SVG/Inkscape help?

Any Inkscape gurus that would be willing to help me? This is probably a super easy fix, but Inkscape is not my first language (ha!) and I’ve been struggling, even after looking up tutorials.

I have a sheet music svg (posted below), and need to “crop” it to fit my project. I tried modifying it by:

  1. using a square, choosing the part I wanted to keep, & selecting “path->clip”
  2. manually selecting & deleting the actual nodes of the portion I didn’t want

Either way, Glowforge says “Print stopped” and “Filled Shape is Open…edit your artwork to remove the fill or close the shape.” or some other error. Note: I’ve engraved the unedited svg before, so I know the original file is fine (just my error in trying to modify it).

I’m attaching the original sheet music svg (that I purchased) and the one I tried to edit, to show the size I need.

If someone can help me with this, I would be SO grateful! TIA

It Is Well with My Soul

It Is Well cropped

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It may be easier to use a program like paint.net to erase the parts you don’t want. The GF doesn’t work with masks or clipping and unless you use trace bit map in inkscape I don’t think you can remove part of it. Trace bit map will not do a very good job either.
Just my limited knowledge here…

Paint.net? I clicked on that and it was just a parked domain(?)

I fixed what I found wrong
I would highly suggest you do this as score

(well it is a score!)

It Is Well with My Soul (repaired).svg.zip (155.2 KB)


“Score” ~ I see what you did there! :grinning:

It looks like the file you posted is still the music sheet in its entirety…were you able to “crop”/modify it? Or am I missing something?

Thanks so much for your help!

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Clip it, then export the clipped art as a png.

Reimport the now clipped png into your svg and proceed. That’s all there is to it.


By that, do you mean import into Inkscape? I tried importing the cropped image/png into Inkscape and then did “trace bitmap” but it didn’t pick up all of the graphic (left out some of the lines of the music staffs & text is not totally legible)

Yes but export it at high DPI And it’ll preserve all your details. Something like 600 dpi should be plenty high. It’s an option in the export dialog.

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I edited the file so its all one one page (I assumed that’s what you needed)
I also turned the text into outlines, so the quality is the highest possible
use the score setting that will give you the deepest black, and the cleanest ‘print’

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Angela, My .svg is ‘ready to print’ no further editing was needed.


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Paint . net is the name of the program - their website is getpaint.net :slight_smile:

Except it’s not the crop she requested

It Is Well with My Soul (repaired)_V2.zip (1.2 MB)

This has both @Deleted’s clean-up, and a high res bitmap copy, and it’s cropped as requested. Hopefully one of those help :slight_smile:



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Yes, sorry about that. Somewhere along the way they changed to getpaint.net.
Here is the link. It is a great program.



Oh my gosh!!! I am doing a serious HAPPY DANCE over here!! :dancer:t2: :dancer:t2: It worked!! After futzing around with that darn file for HOURS, I am ESPECIALLY grateful for your help. :pray:t3:

@deirdrebeth and @Deleted I sincerely appreciate your generosity in taking the time to work on this! You all are AWESOME.

I am attaching a photo (I engraved it on 1/4” maple ply). Now I only have 6 more of these music sheets to edit. :joy::grimacing: @deirdrebeth going to send you a quick message.


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