Pumpkin Carving Templates!



I’m probably not the first one to think of this, but I had an idea while carving my pumpkin this year: next year I will laser cut my own custom template for my pumpkin, heck I could even sell them!
something like this:


Spooky! :hushed:


I hear over at @dan 's house they carve with lasers.


Believe they said the trick is to find a pumpkin with a very flat face and then remove the face and “carve” like that…


I’m thinking of those little teeny tiny baby pumpkins, and what they will have to face next year… nekkid punkin’ pie anyone? :smiling_imp:


Can’t do it on a GF, but with a deep enough Z adjustment you can engrave pumpkin pies (post-baking) :slightly_smiling_face:


You could definately use your future Glowforge to make acrylic or wooden pumpkin “attachments” for your pumpkin. things like ears, arms, hats even the faces that stick into the pumpkin. ( Like a “Mr Pumpkin Head” ). :jack_o_lantern: