Puppy Update (aka "Pupdate")

There’s no downside if you are able to give each the appropriate level of individual attention.

It would be a bad idea if you’re leaving them together without human companionship for hours each day.

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Like @eflyguy said, it’s not usually recommended, but I felt I could give them the time they need, and they were really well socialized already, even at 8 weeks.

If you’re using them strictly as livestock guardians, I think it’s less than an issue…at least, the things I’ve read/watched online, where they raise whole litters with very little human interaction (just sheep and older dogs). I can’t have a dog that’s not a pet, but I’m hoping they’ll help out with the guarding, too. :wink:

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Thanks. Yes, I was trying to think of the best way to say what you and @eflyguy said, that IMHO ‘most’ individuals should not have 2 puppies at once. But was wondering if it was almost encouraged with livestock guardians (had blanked on the term).

Let’s all be real, most would not do what is needed for 2 puppies at once. From what I have learned about @geek2nurse, I definitely don’t think that is the case for her. I know I could, but I don’t want to. Same as I never wanted twins :slight_smile:

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Things change when you don’t have kids to take up your time anymore. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t do two puppies because i know the little bastards “swarm” and try to eat my facial hair as a pack. when i go into a puppy kennel at the shelter where we volunteer, i can’t take more than 10 mins of fighting them off as they all climb on me and try to eat my face. :slight_smile:

but… i also think puppies are awesome for 10-15 mins. that’s all i need at a time anyway. i like the ones i bring home to be 6 months old or more. and i know my limits.

that said, volunteering at the shelter is a great way to get the “puppy” out of your system without the commitment of potty training, discovering what they’ve chewed on this time, etc. i know it’s worth it for a lot of folks, but i prefer dealing with the terrible twos and teenage dog years.


These two are super chill. They hardly ever try to lick, and have never jumped up on us. Leash training took like a day. They DO bark and whine if Gkid and I go on a walk without them, but mostly they just galumph around wagging their tails and getting in front of or between my legs to lean on me when I’m trying to walk. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Their only downside so far is I can’t find treats that are tempting enough to use as training lures. Things my other dogs would do ANYTHING for, they just kind of sniff and go, “That’s vaguely interesting……oh, you want me to EAT that? Well, okay, if you’re going to INSIST, but maybe just the one, for now…”

that’s frustrating. i’m really glad both of my adulthood dogs have been food motivated. food training is the best (especially with a dog tall enough to not have to lean over to treat).

the only neg for that with Dany is when she gets freaked out lungy on the leash (occasionally leash reactive to other dogs), absolutely nothing other than manhandling her out of the sight of whatever dog is pissing her off works. i can’t even shove food in her mouth, she spits it out and keeps lunging like a maniac.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you. I needed some puppy pics.


When I was taking my dog through the training program there were three dogs that did that including mine. Finally I yanked so hard he did a backflip and finally “got it”. (some dogs are so sensitive a hard look would stop them in their tracks, Ajax was the opposite of that)

For the graduation, they did the standard show dog thing (these were all heinz variety) and they walked his “worst enemy” by and the other dog broke but Ajax just laughed at it. He would follow the rules up to the point the other dog managed to touch, after that, all bets were off.

I had to use a “pinch collar” on my Dane because of that. I wasn’t strong enough to control the lunging when she decided she HAD to be somewhere else, and she broke 3 choke chains in our first year together. I was super hesitant until the obedience instructor had me try it on my thigh, and I discovered that if properly fitted, they don’t actually pinch, they just squeeze, HARD. Actually it felt kinder than the choke chain, even though it looked positively medieval.

People used to comment when I was out walking her, “Wow, you must feel pretty safe with a dog like that!” I’d just smile and nod, while thinking to myself, “Yeah, if I can just hang on tight enough, she’ll drag me out of danger as she flees…”


hah. yeah, we had a pinch collar on the mastiff. i never corrected with it. it was suggested at a training session we went out on once and we almost never used it. the trainer guy corrected with it and moochie squealed loudly, which he never does and gave a horrible look at us. and i didn’t have the heart to try it for a while. but eventually i put it on him and didn’t correct, just let him pull and feel it when he pulled. he just didn’t pull on it the same way as without.

i can handle dany, it’s just annoying as %#. i may have to try the pinch collar on her eventually if we can’t get her to maintain herself. she’s a little better. i’d rather not because she’s particularly sensitive about stuff like that. moochie was just a bull in a china shop.


yeah, i always tell people big dogs (and probably pitties) all get three reactions.

(1) no eye contact, walk past just out of leash reach
(2) cross the street to walk down the other sidewalk
(3) “OMG HE/SHE’S SO CUTE CAN I PET HIM/HER” as they walk up to you with open arms and googly eyes.


With my dogs, all german shepherds, choke chains have never worked. They would pull and gag until their heads popped off if I let them. With a claw collar they have a more immediate form of respect for the leash. But I don’t use that unless we’re going to the vet or something. I prefer to manage (strong-arm) them with a harness, but we have to watch out for chafing.

I have never been able to properly socialize my shepherds to other dogs. My Izzy was a total wall flower in puppy training class. She actually would hide inside the agility tunnel from the other dogs, even the ones who were 1/3 her size. But she loves people.


choke chains are useless for almost any dog that is a puller.

we’re harness people, too. after moochie had larpar and throat surgery, we couldn’t use a collar on leash any more. front hook harness was the way to go and we still use one with Dany.


Ajax was what dogs would evolve to left wild, faun coat, medium straight hair and curly tail, and perhaps 80 pounds. After the "incident"I only had the problem 2 times once hiking the trail above the lake when he drove the other dog into the lake after the dog got a nip in, and then later that night when he encountered a skunk and tried the same thing.
A very stubborn dog!:skunk: :dog2:

I think you are feeding them Miracle Gro!

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They learn the Skunk Rule on the first try, IME. Too bad that isn’t soon enough.

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