Puppy Update (aka "Pupdate")

@dklgood requested an update on my puppies, so here goes. For those who didn’t see the original photos, here’s what they looked like at two months, the day we picked them up:

Here’s Xander at 4 1/2 months:

And both of them at almost 5 months (with Gkid):


Yikes, they are big for 5 months. Are you sure you don’t have a pair of polar bears there?


wait til they’re 15 or 25 months (giant breeds often don’t get full growth until 18-24 months old).


Yeah, my german shepherd is 3 now. I consider shepherds to be “large.” I think these are XL.


i was in the same boat until 11 years or so ago. grew up with labs in the 75-80lb range. large breeds.

but then i got a mastiff/bloodhound mix (140 lb) and joined the world of giant breeds. now we have a pocket great dane (100 lbs soaking wet). labs seem like medium sized to me now.


Xander is just about as big as Cheyenne, our shepherd. :slight_smile: Valkyrie (in this photo) is a tad smaller. (I’ve been putting my new guinea keets out in that cage daily, to let the dogs get used to the idea they’re MINE, and not meant as doggie treats. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


I need to be able to carry my pup if necessary. My shepherd is able to climb a flight of stairs. Descend, not so much…

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Nice blanket, lol.

(So cute, your granddaughter is your mini me!)


i had to build a ramp to the back porch for my mastiff when he got older. the dane loves it now (she’s only 3).


Awwww big SWEETIES!! :heart::heart::heart::sunglasses:

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We took our first shepherd to agility training. It was awesome, but that poor girl did not like climbing ramps one bit. She did it, though.

A good dog will follow you anywhere. Except DOWN a flight of stairs.

btw, @geek2nurse, i do want to come hug and play with your puppies.

i don’t want to bath or groom them. :crazy_face:


They make EXCELLENT weighted blankets – and in fact I was using him for that very thing, in that photo. When all the stupidity starts to get me down, I go and grab a puppy to hug. :slight_smile:

Isn’t it cool? :slight_smile: I used to joke that I was going to keep having babies until one looked like me. Now I have a grandkid who looks like me, and it’s awesome!

Come hug them any time you want! They’re actually super easy to groom, even though they cover themselves daily in stickerburrs. They just comb right out – I can brush out the two of them in half the time it takes to detangle River, who is the size of a large rat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And their fur is amazingly self-cleaning. I can take them out to the lake and let them romp in the water and get covered in mud and algae, and a few hours later you’d never know it happened.


i prefer the ridiculously short dane fur. bathing takes only a moment and a quick towel dry. and she’s completely dry after that in 5-10 mins.

now if only she wasn’t scared to death of getting wet.


That was ONE thing mine was never scared of. The problem was she insisted on “biting” the water, so it was hard to get the rest of her wet!


i miss that. that’s how our mastiff was. he’d need “drink breaks” during all of his baths. and you could squirt all over the yard and he’d chase the end of the spray. great way to work him out w/o having to move anything but the hose nozzle.

Dany runs to the far corner of the yard or up onto the screened porch the moment she sees you touch a hose. not having any of that %^.


Wow. They’ve grown so quickly! Can’t wait to see how big they get!


Wow! What are you feeding them? They’re growing so fast!


Just Blue large breed puppy food. And they don’t even eat that much!


I’ve been meaning to ask you this… I know in most cases it is not recommended to have 2 puppies at once, for bonding, training, etc. For pyrs or other similar type dogs like yours is it more common to raise them in pairs since they will work in pairs? Just wondering and certainly not trying to start a debate.