Purchase 2 units at different times. Is delivery the same?

Hi, I purchased a Pro model about 2 weeks ago, but after talking to my family, we want to invest in another one. My question is, if I buy it today, will each unit ship at a different time? Or would you go with the initial unit’s purchase date?

@dan has said that your position in the queue will stay the same but the pro and basic units will not be finished from the factory at the same time(they will do one and then the other). Also shipping is dependant on a lot of things not just when you ordered it. Busy areas will get shipped to first.

So you should expect to receive the pro at one time and the basic at another.(as soon as they are ready to ship to you). Also same goes for the Air filter if you are ordering it, this will likely arrive after your GF. But if you are ordering 2 of the same model I would expect these to arrive roughly at the same time(will not be boxed together), but will use your same position in the queue.

I try hard not to be that annoying customer…but, coming from one of the “less” busy areas…this seems like a very odd thing to factor into determining when you ship to a particular person.

Also, shipping the venting later is problematic. I purchased that precisely because I cannot vent. I will be using the GL in a space that is over 100 years and the none of the windows open. So, I need the venting. No venting means, effectively, no working machine.

I don’t speak for GF but I see there logic. They are shipping order is based fist on:
to high usage/volume areas so the units can be “broken” by users and then the GF team can fix the problems before full production or go straight into full production if no major problems, then priority will go likely to US locations and then abroad. This goes for all 3 products they are manufacturing so they will be shipping each unit as they become available, they do not know what will be manufactured first(factory will decide the fasted route to get all units made). The filter comes in a separate box that is about the size of the original GF these may be manufactured after the GF itself, and instead of waiting to ship it to you untill the air filter is complete and also having to leave it in a warehouse for some time they are shipping out the units as they are ready. There priority is quality, then speed but this won’t be what everyone wants. You have to remember this is a preorder to a product being sold direct from a start up not from a distributer or retailer where you get the user experience you may expect in the 21st century, they don’t have the man power to get it all done the “perfect way” for each user. I am from the UK and this may mean my unit is arriving after yours but I’m happy with the wqay trhey are doing things, and I ordered when only $120k of orders had happened(took me 10mins to decide and went up from $99k)

Thanks for clearing things up for me. I had completely missed that this was pre-order from a start up. :smirk:

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Anyone know if I already bought one Glowforge Pro, what is the best way to get the $100 off when I purchase another one? Should I just buy it and request the discount or use one of the links people are sharing?

I would guess you could use your own link and get $100 of on your first unit and the new unit. But if not, I could sure use the seed money to upgrade to a pro. http://glowforge.com/referred/?kid=GUZnUY

What did you end up doing to get the discount? Did you use your own code?