Purple picture box

Delivered my first custom box today. Took me a couple trys to get it right. Did a inner box that I painted then glued a frame on the outside parts. Painted the inside with white lacquer. Engraved a 1/8 acrylic for the glass in reverse.

Hope to make more like this.


That’s lovely! :grinning:


That’s impressive looking.


Thanks! Never mind my corners that didn’t match up. I filled them in with some black epoxy. I might save that technique though cause it gives the corners and angle and almost a very smooth grout feel.

Cool! I’m a big fan of boxes that don’t show finger joints.


Very nice! can you show it open? How did the top go on? a hinge or just drop on

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The corners of your box really add to the look of your box. Great design. :heart_eyes:

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Ahhhh. I didn’t get a picture of the under side of the top. But I’ll try to describe it for you. It is a drop in. If you flip it over I had a 1/8 inch frame that I glued to the back in which the acrylic sat in. First I glued the frame then I glued the acrylic. Then I got some 1/8 leather banding and glued it around the frame so it had a soft close effect. I’ll see if my friend I made it for will send me a picture of the under side of the top.


Really like the look … Makes a very nice gift box!

Ok, here is a picture of the back. As you can see I used a white caulk to finish off the seam between the acrylic and wood. Next time I’ll probably just use the same clear glue that I used to glue the acrylic down.


Truly lovely!