Putz House

I cut this little house and the base from a cereal box (thin chipboard). Total height is 3.25". I make and collect vintage putz houses throughout the year, and I’m really excited about how much the GF has sped up my creation process. The details come out so crisp and perfect! I love being able to experiment with cheap and recycled materials. The house pattern is from retrorenovation.com. I converted it to an svg and added window frames and better glue tabs. I also used the GF to cut a stencil for the stone pattern.


Totally cute! :grinning:

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That type of chipboard really comes in handy. For me the sources are cat food boxes, pasta boxes, and frozen pizza boxes. You did a great job with it!


Love it! If you leave it open in the back you can furnish it as well… or have a lift-off roof.

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Love this, oh my. That front fence :heart_eyes:

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Awwww, isn’t that cute? I’ve never heard of a putz house–learned something new today!


So cute! I’ve lived in Air Force housing that looked a lot like that, except without the cuteness and glitter. :wink:


I like the front wall! I made a piece with that design in my early experimentation phase and have not figured out what to do with it. Nice rock chimney except above the roof :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looking up the google … Oh my gosh another deep rabbit hole I have little time for but all sorts of parts from my work in virtual 3d Stuff… Thin BB would seem like a great way to go as a step up if away from the classics.

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Recycling chipboard into total adorableness! Love the fence and the stone!


This is lovely!! We used the same website to make designs and cut them out of matboard. I’m a huge MCM lover and absolutely adored having a mid-century putz village on my mantle!


I was meaning to ask about how you got the glitter effect here - unless I’ve been buying the wrong kind of cereal all along and no one has told me there’s a glitter-inside box, agh!