Puzzle box - Xbox series X

This is definitely not a normal gaming console, because it has a little secret. I’m not sure how hard this puzzle will be to solve because of the way the mechanism works…

This puzzle design is based on the Xbox Series X gaming console. However, this is not an exact replica. There isn’t an Xbox logo, the holes on the back are different, the top of the box doesn’t have a double curved surface and it’s smaller than the original (scale 1:2). If you move this puzzle box, you can here a metal ball rolling around.

You can watch the video of me showing and opening the puzzle box here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-z_yOrluzeA&t=1s

picture 1 picture 2 picture 3

I will be making a building plan for this puzzle, but I still have to make one for the UFO puzzle box I made, so it might take some time. I think I will sell the building plan for €7,-. Woud I be allowed to poste a link on this forum for something I sell?


Looks cool! I believe it’s okay to post a link to your site for the sale in the Made on a Glowforge section in case anyone is looking to buy it.

(I’d be sparing with it though…too many times and it starts to look spammy.) :smile:

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Thank you for the reply. It takes a lot of time making a puzzle box and building plan, so I won’t be able to spam them :wink:

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That’s too bad, it looks intriguing. :wink:

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Watched the video – you’re mind works in mysterious ways! Looking forward to your designs.
Goed zo! :laughing:


That was pretty cool! I’m impressed by the mechanism.


And now I have that old song in my head “My dear old spammy” Too racist to show for many years but with new words?

??? There’s a song about spam?

Aside from British Comedy? I was thinking of an old Al Jolson favorite in cartoons from the '40s played in the '50s buy not much since, but was every Saturday when I was a child. only those oldsters remember it.

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Yep, that one might have predated me if it was in the 50s. I recently heard of Al Jolsen though…the name sounds familiar.

(Oh wait…was it the governor of VA that got into trouble for dressing like him for a costume party or something in college? Was he the blackface guy?)

That was his most famous sthick


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Growing up in Hawaii and isolated from direct contact I did not really “get it” till traveling in the South to Miami when every building had three bathrooms and drinking fountains had the junky one on the side.

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At first I thought it was legos upside down