Puzzle Boxes

This one caught my eye primarily because of the construction techniques - particularly the rotating parts.


And another interesting site (by Bruce Viney) for puzzle boxes which could be made very precisely with the glowforge:


I’ve made the Black Nightmare through conventional woodworking, but realize it would have been much easier with a laser cutter to get the pieces to fit more precisely.

Primarily interested in the interactions of the different pieces and their movement.


Good find for more projects.

I hope that GF will be able to make bevel gears.

I made the “modified matchbox” on the laser and it’s awesome and delightful. The only trick is you need to print a template to align the parts at the same time you print the parts, or alignment is hard.


I was just coming to the forums to post this hackaday link. A co-worker who knows I have a GF on order sent me the link earlier.


Just saved a bunch of the plans to try once i have my GF.
I alway loved messing around with puzzle boxes. It will be fun to actually make my own.


Love this. I made Bruce Viney’s Knight’s Tomb with the scroll saw. SO looking forward to the Glowforge. I was thinking about making templates/jigs for assembly purposes as well.


I fear I’m too late to the game, none of the links I can find to any of Bruce Viney’s puzzle box plans work. All of the sites are down. Did anyone save copies of the files? I see on YouTube that he passed away earlier this year. :frowning: He seemed like such a cool guy.

Archived Site for Bruce Viney

Bruce Viney passed in May of 2018. There is archived access into his old pages (link above).


looks like im late to the party, anyway i can get the file to the hack a day box?

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The banner says welcome @ebowhold4u, so here is your welcome.

I don’t see the files posted, just images.