Puzzle business card holder

Working on learning Fusion 360 better. Came up with an idea last night to make a simple puzzle box.

It’s still not a great design, not fully interlocking. But the friction fit pieces allow for a piece I initially scrapped to be woven into the design/solution of the puzzle and also function as a business card holder for me.


Sorry, the lighting is poor at my desk.


Kewl! I like that, it’s deceptively simple looking. (Like a good Chinese puzzle box.) :grinning:


Fun design, but I’d worry more about the cage door being open than the lighting. I hope nothing dangerous has slipped in. :sweat_smile:


I’ve been wanting to hang a sign since I do reside in a cage, something akin to “Don’t feed the animals” maybe “Don’t feed the engineer :pie:, he will become irrational”… We’ll see :rofl:


I’m sure I don’t know how that all goes together to get the final piece, but I do dig the final piece! Very inspiring. Man I love this community.

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Very unique design!

When designing puzzles, make sure to avoid the lament configuration.

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But I hear it’s exquisite.

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Had to look that up, I had never seen “Hellraiser”.

looks great !!! keep pushing to a great project