Puzzle Cube


One of my first Laser Cutting Projects, a Puzzle Cube.


Here’s the SVG in case you want to try for yourself. Designed for Medium Maple Plywood Proofgrade. Mine was 3.5mm, but I don’t know how consistent that the Proofgrades are. I’ve designed it with kerf compensation, which took quite a few tries to get right. Again, might not work on your material.



I love it! Thanks so much for the design—can’t wait to try it! If you like wooden puzzles, be sure to search the Free Laser Designs category for Tray Puzzle. There’s a bunch.


Good re-purpose and merger of two very standard concepts.


Oh man, clever.


Here are a few of the prototypes…


Thanks , let me know if you try the design and how it worked out for you!


Very nice! Something fun for the grandkids.


Oh very nice…I love 3D puzzles! Thanks for sharing the file! :sunglasses::+1:


Very cool and thanks for sharing! We have a bunch of puzzles just outside of our workspace for folks to put together and I think throwing this on the table and not letting them know it’s a 3d puzzle will be a great challenge! See how long it takes a bunch of fancy-pants engineers to figure it out. Yes, I am the office trouble maker…


That would keep my busy for hours until I smashed it :joy:…lmao…I love the concept and thanks for the file…!


Thank You for the share. My Great Granddaughter loves puzzles.


Thank you so much for the share!! Can’t wait to try it!


WHOA! My brain itchez!


Made this for my nephew. I painted the wrong sides on a few of them, so he thought all the painted sides faced outwards, when only half of them did. :slight_smile: He finally figured it out and I got a long glare once he figured it out.

Thanks so much for sharing.


Thanks for responding with feedback. Yeah, half the pieces are inverted showing the inside for… reasons unknown. On my board, it makes half the side one shade and the other side another shade. But that’s probably not a good reason.

Anyway, I too have nieces and nephews, and I solemnly swear that our job is to challenge them!

My next design is a device for not poking someone else in the eyes.


Oh my goodness…that is awesome (and possibly infuriating!) I think I’m going to have to make one! My daughter got a much simpler one made out of erasers last year as a gift from one of her classmates. It kept her quiet for many hours. It’s so very kind of you to share the design!


Thank you. That is generous of you.


Thank you for the file! I know a few people that would enjoy this!


Thanks for sharing a fun little project!