Puzzle making

Here are some puzzles ive made that have brought in alot of money for me. They have been a huge hit. I use a puzzle generator. When downloading the file i cut everything on wood and then ungroup the letters so i can recut with coloured acrylic. If any one needs help with these. this is by far my best seller and they look amazing


I really like the font you used on the back. The pastels look great!


Very nice, love your colour choices!


its called great vibes font


One of my favorite fonts. Looks great!


These looks great! You mentioned a puzzle maker. What does it do for you?

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It’s a puzzle generator u download it put the name in and that’s its download the name and ready to cut

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That sounds cool!

Those look amazing and I adore your color choices. The personalized engraving is a nice touch too. Do you have to use special paint to make them child-safe, or do you put a warning on them that they’re for display only?


These are really nice!! Awesome! I love that font too!

What fun!

So the letters themselves are acrylic! That is awesome!! I think there are some grandkids that might like these!

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No paint acrylic material on top

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I think most acrylic would be too sharp for kids. At least some of the pieces I have cut seem to be.

All round edges because of this certain font

Smart choice! That makes more sense since the surface is so smooth and perfect.

Which puzzle making software do you use? Looks Great.

Hey i found it on etsy. Its an awesome puzzle makerr


You inspired me to make one for my friend’s daughter. I only saw your post in the content thread so didn’t have context and ended up making my own template but it was fun.

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I’ll make the mandatory comment to remind any future readers of this thread that making products for children is heavily regulated in the US. Be sure to familiarize yourself with CPSIA and have a long discussion with a lawyer and an insurance agent before handing your first creation off to a child, even a related one.