Puzzle of Evil - Brain Teaser

For those who like brain teasers, I’ve modified the “Puzzle of Evil” from Thingiverse to be easily made on the Glowforge. (The original was a folding clamshell, my version is flat.)

See the original here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4039896

The goal of the puzzle is to fit all four puzzle pieces flat within the boundary provided. There is an “easy” side and a “hard” side. And YES, there IS a solution for the hard side… but it’s definitely a challenge!

The SVG I modified has three components: The base, the boundary with “easy/hard” scored in it, and the puzzle pieces. The base and the boundary gets glued together… though the puzzle is still usable without the base if you want to go that route.

All three components can be cut from the same material, or you can decide to use different material for each. In my case, I opted to cut the base and boundary from plywood, and I cut the puzzle pieces out of colored acrylic to give it a little more pizazz. Also, each component is a different color in the SVG so handling them separately in the Glowforge interface is simple.

I hope you enjoy!!

Puzzle of Evil - Lasercut|508x304


The design is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alikelicense, so you’re free to modify/remix/share, so long as any derivatives are shared with the same Creative Commons licence, and is not being sold for commercial/financial gain.

I did not post the solutions here, but I can if there’s enough interest.

Here’s a photo of one version I made, but I made multiple copies out of multiple different materials to give to my family as gifts.


Thank you!

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Nice puzzle, thank you!

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Thanks my son-in-law will love it!

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Oh, that’s going to be a time sink! Thanks and have a great holiday! :smile:


Thanks! Please post a photo of your build! :sunglasses:


I did a quick 3D print to check this out…

EASY solution (spoiler)

A bit of research shows that the “HARD” side is truly hard. As a programmer I enjoyed this article:

No answer there however! :sunglasses:


Was interesting enough I decided to make one with minor modifications

First response was “At least you could have colored the back side like a normal puzzle”
So inspiration to make this a 4 part puzzle.
Start with the mirror pieces until can conquer both Easy and Hard.
Then, when feeling cocky, switch to the WIT (Which Is Top) wooden chunks.

Thanks for sharing this time sink. (as if we needed more time sinks – sigh).


Nice mods! Let me know if you are able to solve the “Hard” side; it’s a doozey. :grin:


Thank you for this time consumer.


You’re welcome. :rofl:

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I love these kinds of puzzles! Very nice.

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Thanks so much for this brain tickler! I turned it into a 2 sided piece with a slot to hold the pieces - making it a perfectly inviting desk gadget. They’ll be wonderful little stocking stuffers.


Thank you! My husband used to really enjoy puzzles like this. So, know he’ll like it.

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My kid Brought home a puzzle of evil that he got as a prize at school. After much time wasted trying to sort it out, I went online looking for a solution and was brought here to my favorite forum on the internet.
Yours is a very nice build.