I’m a big fan of the MakeCNC website for all of their cnc, scrollsaw and laser patterns on offer. This one is a fave… made with medium :proofgrade: maple ply.


That’s so cool!


I love this! And all the cool stuff photobombing in the background…


Cool side car! (I see another Bioshock doohickey in the background too. Very nice!) :grinning:

The Bioshock franchise is awesome! Some of my favorite games of all time, because… steampunk!

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Have you done any of makecnc’s steampunk designs? They have some cool ones that are laser suitable.

@jamesdhatch I’ve got my eye on several of them…just gotta figure out if the largest part of each kit will fit in the :glowforge: bed.

yeah, they have some awesome designs that won’t even fit on the Shopbot :slight_smile: but you can resize to fit in a (or a few) 20x12s - just then need to go in and tediously resize any tabs & slots. But still a lot faster than doing it all from scratch. I think scrollsaw (and CNC) plans are going to be a great source of GF designs for the folks who aren’t artists themselves.

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So cool!

That is truly impressive!

Nice job and thanks for sharing the finished work.

Love these type of models. Great Job! Autodesk has a free program called Autodesk 123D Make, that will take a 3D file and create a flattened out version that can be cut out and put together just like the MakeCNC ones. Not sure what the availability is since Autodesk is not supporting it anymore. It is available as a free download on Amazon. Autodesk has added the same capability to Fusion 360 with its Slicer for Fusion 360. You can get a free license of Fusion 360 if you are a hobbyist or a business that makes less than 100k a year. The license is good for one year and can be renewed. I’m just waiting for my Glowforge so I can start making these types of models.
Here’s the jointed dog file I downloaded from thingiverse just as a quick example:

The program sets up the slices on the size sheet that you specify. Then just cut it out and assemble.


F360 will do it in program now with the Slicer plug-in. It might be a stand alone also? I think it’s supposed to be the replacement to 123D Make.