Puzzlemaker question

Any suggestions on an adhesive to use to stick acrylic pieces to whitewashed board? I sublimated photos onto clear acrylic, made puzzle pieces and now want to attach them to a board to hang on the wall.

Also wondering if I should spray the sublimated pics with some type of sealer before gluing.



E6000 is the craft glue I use for almost everything. It should work OK here but you might see glue blob outlines on the pieces that are mostly transparent/uncolored.

Which acrylic did you sublimate onto? Can you share your time/pressure settings? I have yet to try this.


I got the acrylic at Home Depot. It is .093 thick and you can buy all sorts of different sizes. My heat press settings for the sublimation was 392 degrees for 60 seconds, medium pressure. I also found that if I didn’t put a scratch piece of paper down first the design from my rubber mat on the heat press came through on the acrylic. I layered as follows: plain piece of paper, acrylic, sublimated photo, plain piece of paper, parchment then my Teflon sheet.

Thanks for the glue suggestion. I will try it. When googling some said that certain types of glue would react with the acrylic so I was a little nervous to try any without looking for suggestions from this group.

I will post results when I get it finished.


Thanks a bunch for the sub details.

You can see some adhesive comparison pics here:


Thank you!

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