I am unable to see the SVG file in my browser. So I saved it off and tried to open it in Inkscape. Got an error that says it was in an old Inkscape format at 90px/inch and did I want to re-scale it to 96px/inch or change the viewbox. Just an FYI that the format might be a problem. I was able to load it after the rescaling.

I find that some of marmak3261’s SVGs are not viewable in MS Edge browser, but are viewable in IE.

can’t see it in Safari right now either… Big white blank…

Apologies. I made this in an older version of Inkscape that had the puzzle extension on it. I’ll fix it and repost and make the lines a bit thicker and darker too.

How is it now?

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It shows up now, using Safari.

Oh yeah, that’s better. I couldn’t see it before either.

Views fine.

Here is a 700 piece puzzle. Be a good test.


A good test in patience maybe.


Nice! Does it allow for any variation in the puzzle shapes?

Also, the plug-in makes the puzzle in the correct way for a laser cutter, as you can see in the image below. I selected a horizontal and vertical line (in blue) and you can see that it’s single paths that extend across the puzzle.


Check out Blicks. They have some decent thicknesses and shipping isn’t bad if you buy a bunch. If you have one near you they can order thicker stock if they don’t have one you want.


They have big sheets at Dollar store near me