PVC Vent Pipe

Hi everyone, I just got my Glowforge and we are setting it up in an office setting. Question about venting, how hot is the air the comes out of it? Would it be a problem for any reason to replace the ducting with PVC pipe? Anyone have any thoughts on why this would be a bad idea?

The air that comes out of the Glowforge is the same temperature as your room air, plus a few degrees. The problem that you will have with a fixed pipe is that you do have to occasionally access the back of the exhaust fan to clean it out, and that’s going to mean disassembling the pipe or moving the Glowforge away from it.


The air isn’t that hot unless you have a big fire in your Glowforge.

I have used PVC sewer pipe with a couple of elbows and a booster fan for the past 13 months without an issue. I went with the sewer pipe because it was a similar size flexible ducting.


I use 4 inch schedule 40 PVC pipe. It’s more expensive than a flexible hose or dryer ducting, but it’s easy to seal tight and really lets the air flow through due to size and smoothness. I have one duck tape joint to make it easy to get to the back of the machine and use the passthrough.


Sounds good, thank you everyone for letting me know!

I am not an HVAC specialist (IANAHVACS), bit one thing to think about is that if it is in a commercial setting, there may be local regulations to consider.