Has anyone tried making a copy of the Q-codes from the proof grade material and use it on non proof grade so that the settings set for you. Obviously with same type material.

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I have not, but you can simply select the Proofgrade material from the menu even if you are not using proofgrade materials and the settings will auto populate.


There really isn’t anything the same as Proofgrade; anything else you really need to run some tests to dial in the right settings for your material, if you want to get the best possible results.

However, it does often happen that you’ll often cut over the Q-code on a sheet of PG. Back when I first got my GF I saved a stack of cutout Q-codes so I could toss in the appropriate one when I was using scraps, and not have to select it in the pulldown menu. I’m not sure it really saved me any time, but I felt clever doing it. :wink:


Hey this is a pretty common thing to talk about, they’re more commonly called “QR codes” which might have made it hard to find the other threads.
Here you go!



When I first got mine I did exactly that - for about 2 days.

But just selecting the material in the user interface is easier.

I have never put proofgrade in my machine (I’m in the UK, was too expensive) so used matched materials all the time without problem.


Same here. When you choose a proofgrade product and the settings populate, as you go to print it, it will say it cannot find proofgrade materials…still prints without issues. You may need to tweak it a bit for what you have but it’s a great place to start with a similar product.


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