Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Here’s my take on a basic frame for a Qi Wireless charging disk. I wanted something that would allow me to place my phone down correctly each time, so this is just larger than my Samsung S23 Ultra (3.075"x 6.433" or 78.1mm x 163.4mm) phone, and you push it against the top stopper.

Made out of 1/4" (2.35mm) oak plywood, and some 3-4oz leather from Tandy.
Qi Wireless Charger Stand_V6

(I have yet to glue down the leather on this, but you get the idea - it occurred to me after the fact that I should have put 3M tape on the leather prior to cutting for ease of attachment!)

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Nice!! Thanks for the share! It’s a pain to move your phone until it’s ‘just right’!


Cool, thanks!


Nice! I’ve been thinking of making a similar holder as it is indeed a pain sometimes to get the phone in exactly the right position.


I’ve been using the same 3-coil charging pad since Oct 2015. The design in the middle is slightly raised and rubberized. Very tolerant of placement. Used with iPhone since before iPhone had built-in wireless charging (using external receivers that fit inside the case.) The exact one I have is no longer available, but similar are.

I have several others that I picked up for travel, use in other locations, etc. I pulled one apart to build into a more attractive case made with the GF, but never finished that project as you never see the thing anyway.

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